• 1victoryb

    Occupy Denver demonstrator, Matt Dolloff, carries a folded American flag as he helps lead the Saturday afternoon march.

  • 1bandana

    An Occupy Denver demonstrator hides his face behind an American flag bandana.

  • 1occupy15b

    A demonstrator is by Denver police.

  • 1redflag1b

    A protestors holds the Anarchist communism flag.

  • 1r9singles

    With his face hidden, an Occupy Denver demonstrator stands in front of the American flag.

  • 1r123_2_2b

    A demonstrator walks down the 16th Street Mall. Many demonstrators have been wearing Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identities.

  • 1jumpb

    Demonstrators dance on the American flag in the middle of Broadway in Denver, Colorado.

  • 1occupy30b

    Denver Police officers in full riot gear block Broadway with the state Capitol in the background.

  • 1occupy29b

    Silhouetted demonstrator in downtown Denver.

  • 1r99_b

    A Colorado State Patrol officer moves his vehicle after demonstrators painted it with 99%.

  • 1standoffb

    Demonstrators and Denver Police lined off against each other. The police closed down access to Broadway and the state Capitol.

  • 1stareb

    Demonstrators and Denver Police square off just before the police entered Civic Center Park to remove several tents.

  • 1phone_b

    Occupy Denver demonstrators write legal aid contact numbers with permanent marker on their arms in case of arrest.

  • 1shout1b

    An Occupy Denver demonstrator yells anti-corporate slogans while walking through Sky Line Park.

Occupy Denver